Monday, August 8, 2011

Canned Biscuit Campfire Doughnuts

A big thank you is due to my friend, Katy, for sharing this simple recipe for campfire doughnuts.  My husband and I delighted in these sweet treats last week while camping in Big Sur (as seen here), and I promised I would share the directions for making them.  This is the perfect method for those of you who want a hot, fresh doughnut without all the work of a traditional recipe, and honestly, we thought they were just as tasty as coffee dunkers prepared the old-fashioned way.  We shared them with our camp neighbors, and a few minutes later, they offered us the rest of their firewood.  Now, that's the power of a delicious doughnut!
These are the ingredients.  I included a bottle of wine in the picture because I used its screw-cap to punch the holes out of the doughnuts.
You will need
  • a can of buttermilk biscuits
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • about a cup of sugar
  • one or two tablespoons of cinnamon, according to taste
Heat about two inches of oil in a large pot.  Separate the biscuits on a cutting board and cut a hole from the center of each.  As I mentioned, to cut our biscuits, I just used a screw-cap from a bottle of wine!  Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar into a paper sack.  Fry the biscuits in the oil, flipping them over with tongs when they are golden-brown.  Sometimes it's difficult to see that the doughnuts are done on the bottom, so be sure to check after one or two minutes. Once both sides are finished frying, let them drain on paper towels or a plate. Then, drop them in the cinnamon-sugar bag and shake them up.  If you're still hungry, you can fry the doughnut holes!
You might want to get your coffee ready first.  These babies fry up fast!
If you're headed into the great outdoors, try a Bodum French press like ours.
It's perfect for camping!
Separate the biscuits and cut a hole in the center of each one.
Fry the dough in about two inches of oil.
Flip with tongs after a minute or two.
Shake in a bag with cinnamon and sugar.
You've got a sweet breakfast treat!
These doughnuts were so heavenly over the campfire, I can only imagine they would be just as delicious in the comfort of your kitchen.  I hope you'll give them a try no matter where you are!

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  1. Oh my... these look INSANE! Might need to try them...... :s

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    An Interesting Distraction

  7. What a clever idea! I've been meaning to try making doughnuts. This recipe seems pretty foolproof!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  8. Those look so evil and so delicious.

  9. oh me oh my they look DELICIOUS!!! Donuts are a constant craving for me (along with chocolate and burgers haha) but I've never dared try to make my own. You're the best for sharing this. I have just added it to my weekend DIY list :)

    Anna xo

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  14. Never thought of doing this while camping, but OF COURSE. I first began using canned fridge biscuits for quick donuts back in ummm, about 1973. Yes Virginia, there were canned fridge biscuits way back then. (: